e-Zefco offers businesses a solution that enables them to sell online through Zefco. Customers can use advanced platforms to set up their online stores swiftly and economically. Customers can design their storefronts, update online catalogues, manage orders and payments securely and ship products on-time to their customers with Zefco. Your online store will be integrated with Zefco’s delivery solutions and services.



STEP 1: Create your e-store

Zefco Auxiliary Services offers you the complete solution to build and manage your online store through us. So that you can now enjoy a powerful, cost-effective, comprehensive and complete set of features to build and manage your online store, quickly and swiftly. It comes with tools that influence consumers, promote your products and increase sales. The solution is integrated with all the major payment gateways, social media and much more.

Click here to submit your business profile to get contacted by an e-Zefco representative

STEP 2: Setup an Zefco e-commerce account

In order to start shipping with Zefco, you first need to setup an account. Having submitted your business profile in step1 above; our representative will contact you to complete your new account process. If you already have an established e-business, Zefco provides you with technical solutions to get your system integrated with the Zefco platform to ease delivery of your products.

ZEFCO offers you the following solutions

a. Shipping and Delivery

b. Value-Added Services

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