Zefco offers a comprehensive range of solutions to the requirements of delivery of Documents/Non-Documents, all types of cargo – high value, critical and urgent shipments all over India and any part of the World. Based on the specific requirements of each individual or corporate the company provides customized services with the application of multi-modal distribution systems integrated by Surface Transport and by Air Freight/Sea Freight



FEATURES of our Network

  • Efficient, Well co-ordinate and safe delivery of your consignments.

  • Monthly billing facility for bulk volume customers.

  • Offering Desk pickups and Door deliveries.

  • Offering (POD) Proof of Deliveries on your request.

  • Overnight service to Metros and several major Cities/Towns in India and International Service to all corners of the Globe.

  • Cargo service by Air/Surface available to all destinations.

SERVICE Offering

  • Global Express: All documents / Non-documents are delivered worldwide at most economical rates.

  • Express Services: Your time sensitive Documents / Non-documents are delivered next day in all Metros / Major Cities & Towns on priority basis.

  • Air Cargo: All your consignments are sent through as cargo in flights to various destinations as per the choice of the customers. This provides specialized handling and door-to-door delivery of critical priority shipments.

  • Surface Cargo: All your bulk consignments are transported through our own fleet of vehicles.

  • Pick & Pack: Packaging and Processing – Customers get opportunity in availing services even for insertions of documents in envelopes, labeling, processing and packing.

  • Dawn to Dusk: Same day service - This offers morning bookings made delivery by evening of the same day.

  • Mass Mail: Processing outsourced – This gives customers opportunity to outsource the services of couriers in doing all process that needs specialization in handling bulk mails. This includes mobile phone bills, interest warrants, annual reports, AGM notices, product promotional literature, greetings and others.

  • Ads: A media courier – This offers space on every consignment/document for advertisement for customers to display their product, service or message as stickers.

  • RED ALERT Service: High Alert handling till the end. This service features Special Security handling, Safe and sure service & continuous monitoring of the shipments under special care.

  • SPECIAL MESSENGER Service: For that important document and person. This channel is designed for delivery to designated person, Holiday delivery & Delivery on specific time.


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