For the entire month of September, Reunion Bar and Kitchen in Dadar will celebrate #BottomsUpMRP Drinks Festival with less than MRP rates for alcohol

Traveling Alone Than Dating Someone: No doubt, dating someone is a great experience and teaches very important lessons which help you to mature, Dating can be hard sometimes. It is full of challenges, compromises, and sacrifices. It needs the courage to give your all to your special someone because you are letting him/her influence your choices.

If you are single and still in the dating game, you will understand the pain that comes with the daily pressure to meet that special someone. While dating is fun and exciting, it may not always be the best option for you as a single person. There are other ways to gain unique experiences, grow and get to know yourself in ways you can’t when dating or in a relationship. Traveling is one of the ways as it has many advantages compared to getting involved with the dating scene. While traveling, you can find some unique and beautiful experiences to go with. You allow yourself to explore and know yourself better which is not so possible when you’re dating.

Small transparent spheres filled with natural or flavored water could help provide a solution to London’s plastic waste problem, according to the start-up company based in the British capital that manufactures them.

With many cities around the world struggling to dispose of vast numbers of used plastic water bottles, the biodegradable ‘Ooho balls’ have begun quenching the thirst of consumers at special events in San Francisco and London.

The balls, which resemble large bubbles, have a jelly-like membrane made of plant and seaweed extracts. The company, Skipping Rocks Lab, says the membranes decompose after four to six weeks if not consumed.

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